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Straw Hat Pizza Serves up a New Twist to Traditional PR Campaigns with a Cutting-edge Approach to Social Media

Apr 21, 2008

New Chief Blogger to Strengthen Straw Hatís online reputation

San Ramon, CA (April 21, 2008)- Good news, Internet savvy pizza lovers. Straw Hat is serving up a fresh heaping of PR with Internet goodness. And whatís the new item on the menu? Why itís this: Straw Hat has named Mary Beth Sammons as the companyís first Chief Blogger.

A mom of three teens who were weaned on pizza, Sammons will provide oversight and creative guidance for Straw Hatís blog, becoming the eyes and ears for everything exciting and inspiring happening inside the Straw Hat community and in the world of pizza.

The blog is being launched in an effort to boost the companyís social media presence and to keep pizzeria owners and customers in the know to what is going on. As the chief blog writer, Sammons will listen to customer feedback and share ideas and tips related to Straw Hatís new locations, customers, new recipe items and news about its employees and customers. The blog is designed to show how Straw Hat is making a difference on the landscape of the pizza industry and in the lives of the people in the communities where the cooperative is rapidly expanding.

"Weíre committed to growing Straw Hat and staying on the cutting-edge of what it takes to get the buzz going about our dynamite cooperative," said Jonathan Fornaci, president of The Straw Hat Pizza Cooperative. "We want to bring the stories that matters to our communities and the news media with an authentic voice and look at the important goings on."

"I am really excited to take this job on because blogging is something I'm obsessed with," said Mary Beth. "Like so many people, I am a nut about pizza. Itís great that Straw Hat is active in the blogosphere Ė it gives us a chance to get our message out there and to hear what people have to say to us in return. I also know that families and communities need trusted gathering places like Straw Hat. Itís an honor to be able to surface the stories that make it so special and unique."

About Mary Beth

Meet Mary Beth. She's a busy member of the "Sandwich Generation," caring for her three children and parents, and a successful career woman trying to juggle it all with grace and gusto. To thrive and survive Ė like so many parents, Mary Beth relies on pizza-to-the-rescue for her family on the go. In this blog, Mary Beth will serve as Straw Hat Pizzaís eyes and ears online, listening to customer feedback and sharing ideas and tips related to Straw Hat pizzerias. Plus, sheíll surface the compelling stories from the frontlines.

To contact Mary Beth, write to her at

For more information please visit: and please follow us on Facebook & Twitter @StrawHatPizza.

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