These programs vary and are not available in all locations. Contact your local store manager or owner for specific program details in your area.

Community Outreach Programs

Coupon Books

Since 1959, Straw Hat Restaurants have strived to be a good neighbor and has been committed to supporting and bettering the communities we serve. That’s why we take an active role in our communities and why Straw Hat wants to help your non-profit group raise money for worthwhile things. We have many proven and delicious ways to assist your group’s successful fundraising efforts.

Here is a sampling of the fundraising and sponsorship programs available through Straw Hat restaurants; programs may vary and are not available in all areas, so be sure to contact your local store manager or owner to find out which are available in your community. And be sure to contact us should your organization have any other needs that Straw Hat Pizza may be able to assist with.

Fundraiser Coupon Books

Straw Hat supplies your organization with a quantity of Straw Hat Coupon Books. Each book is filled with over $250 of valuable coupons for everyone’s favorite Pizza, Hot Hat’s, Salads and More! Your group sells the book for the face value of $20 to family, friends, and even door-to-door. At the end of the selling period, return any un-sold books to Straw Hat, and give us a nominal fee per book sold (to offset our initial discount costs)—and your organization keeps all the rest of the proceeds!

Fundraiser Days

Fundraiser Days

Arrange a special day or night to promote your organization’s needs at Straw Hat. Invite families, friends and supporters to have pizza at Straw Hat on that day and we’ll donate a prearranged portion of your group’s purchases back to your cause. It’s a delicious and easy way to raise money for your organization, and we’ll even help you promote your event through our eClub and flyer programs!

Free Team Pizza Parties

Free Team Pizza Parties

At Straw Hat we appreciate the time and effort those involved with youth sports devote to the kids of our community. And we’d like to support them by providing FREE beginning-of-the-season and end-of-the-season pizza parties to each team in the league. We’ll also be happy to assist in putting together team events throughout the season; just ask us how we can help and for more information on our Free Team Parties.

League Sign-Ups & Registrations

We’ll gladly provide space at no charge for youth sports sign-ups and registrations. Straw Hat is convenient and comfortable, and we can even provide snacks or drinks. And be sure to ask how we can help turn the event into a fundraiser for that much-needed equipment!

Group Restaurant Tours

We'll give your students a behind the scenes tour of our restaurant. The informative and fun guided tour will show the kids how to make their favorite pizza while emphasizing good nutrition and education. At the tour’s conclusion, the students may be treated to a pizza party. See your local restaurant for details.

Event & Raffle Ticket Printing

Straw Hat can provide your event with tickets. We’ll print event tickets or raffle tickets exclusively for your event and will even include a coupon to boost their value. Need a tasty raffle prize? Ask us about a pizza prize donation!

Student Achievement Awards

Student Achievement Awards

Perhaps the most delicious way to encourage students to perform, Straw Hat’s Student Achievement Award certificates are a great way for teachers to recognize a student’s good grades, attendance, outstanding efforts, and good citizenship. The student receives a certificate detailing his or her accomplishment along with a complimentary pizza certificate as their reward!

Large Group Discounts & Classroom Specials

Special discounts and package pricing are available for large groups, classroom parties, business meetings or celebrations. Straw Hat can provide all the plates, napkins, drinks, and condiments as well as everyone’s favorite pizza and appetizers to make your event trouble-free and delicious!